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National Museum of Australia

OPEN: 9am–5pm daily

ADDRESS: 9am–5pm daily

PHONE: 02 6208 5000


ADMISSION: Free General admission

There are so many more reasons to visit the National Museum of Australia.

The National Museum of Australia is devoted to telling great stories about Australia and Australians. The multi award- winning Museum uses new ideas and interactive displays to present significant objects from the National Historical Collection, allowing visitors to explore the stories of the nation. See some of Australia’s oldest stone implements in the Gallery of First Australians, which features the histories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, or check out our famous buffalo catcher in Old New Land, which looks at our relationship with land and the environment. With hands-on displays, guided tours, special events, waterfront dining, a magnificent shop and more, there are so many reasons to visit. Best of all, general admission is free!