How the National Capital Exhibition has been taking care of staff and visitors through 2020

Aug 25, 2020

Roslyn Hull, Attractions Manager at the National Capital Exhibition (NCE) explained shutdown has been especially tough at times for the staff, “To be perfectly honest it’s gotten us down sometimes. Everyone that works at the NCE are people people, we do the jobs we do because we love interacting with the public.”

One system Roslyn put in place to provide some stress release for staff was a two-minute daily moaning session. “Our staff worked all sorts of things out of their system. Things like spending too much time with your parents, people not social distancing at the supermarket, cancelled holidays. It was just a moment for a bit of mindfulness before we got back to work.” Roslyn explained.

During the shutdown, the NCE seized the opportunity to catch up on some much-needed admin. “Our staff are usually so busy; we have used the time to get to some of that background work we do not usually have a chance to do.”

“We have completed the COVID Clean module; all our staff have been trained on COVID safety.”

One good news story Roslyn highlighted was the success of moving their preschool program called ‘Little Griffins’ online. The online editions included at home crafts with things commonly found around homes, and a sing-along, lead by NCE staff member, Tash.

“I keep joking that I’m a little worried I’m going to lose her to a TV network, she’s been that good in this program.” Roslyn laughed. The online version has received much positive feedback from the public, thanking the NCE for continuing on with the program instead of simply shutting it down.

The NCE staff are relieved to be back in the office, and the team is currently split in two, working through an A-B group rotation of working in the office and from home to maintain health and safety. 

When asked what advice she had for NCAA members, Roslyn wants to make sure managers and business owners are taking care of themselves as well as their staff.

“I think that many of us have been very focused on looking after our staff, but just remember to look after yourself as well,” Roslyn said.

“I try to walk at lunchtimes, whether I’m at home or the office. I practice mindfulness and try to slow down in my spare time. The only positive thing to come out of COVID is that we’ve had to learn to slow down.”

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