Accessible Tourism Program

The Accessible Tourism program provides businesses with a comprehensive online accessibility assessment and an Accessibility Information guide for visitors. Businesses meeting essential criteria are recognised across support areas of cognitive/autism; limited mobility; low hearing; low vision; wheelchairs and scooters.

In consultation with leading accessible tourism experts, TravAbility, the Accessible Tourism program was developed to help businesses evaluate how inclusive their experience offering is for visitors with accessibility requirements. This program aims to increase visibility of accessible experiences and encourage tourism businesses to make it easier to accommodate more visitors of all abilities.

To complete the program, businesses go through a comprehensive self-assessment that reviews and evaluates their accessibility provisions across five disability categories: cognitive/autism; limited mobility; low hearing; low vision; wheelchairs and scooters.

Once this self-assessment is completed, a business will receive:

  1. A detailed Accessibility Information guide and logo to communicate key accessibility information to visitors. Businesses can share this guide through their website, social media channels, information booklets and more.
  2. An internal report designed to help identify areas for further improvement and development. This report shows which accessibility provisions are necessary for different disability categories.

Accessible Tourism Brandmarks

Businesses that meet the required standards for any of the five disability categories will receive Accessible Tourism brandmarks to signify this to visitors.

Ecostar Accreditation Program

EcoStar Accreditation recognises tourism businesses that demonstrate the highest level of environmental management over and above Sustainable Tourism requirements. EcoStar Accreditation assists businesses in achieving environmental sustainability whilst developing and promoting true eco-tourism experiences.

Star Ratings

Star Ratings are an internationally recognised symbol for quality accommodation standards used in more than 70 countries worldwide and reflect the cleanliness, quality, and condition of facilities. Star Ratings assist accommodation operators develop their product to a higher standard and promote high-value accommodation to consumers.