Summer holidays are on their way, but where can we go?

Nov 3, 2020

As freedom of travel slowly increases for Canberrans, we thought it was a great time to look at our options for the upcoming holiday season. If you have stopped keeping track of where you can and can’t go, and what it means for you on your return, then this little summary is for you. This information is correct as of October 30.

New South Wales:

Throughout the pandemic, the Government has made it crystal clear that no restrictions would be put in place between us and NSW – it would simply not be possible.

The advice is to watch out for any known hotspots, so a getaway to the South Coast or Byron Bay should be no problem at all.


ACT residents can fly up to the Sunshine State and back without self-isolating, but only if they haven’t been to a declared hotspot within the past 14 days. This means that for now we cannot take a road trip north if we have visited Sydney recently, but Queensland is still an attractive option for Canberrans who are looking for a sunny respite.


As of last week, Melbournians (yes, we know there is more to Victoria than Melbourne, but generally that is what you will be wondering about) are once again allowed to host visitors under strict rules. Canberrans can fly or drive into the state without need for quarantine, however on their return to the ACT they will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

Northern Territory:

There are no restrictions on Canberran travellers, and there is no need to quarantine on your return. Uluru trip anyone?

South Australia:

Canberrans can fly to SA without needing to self-isolate at either end, but if you drive you must not leave the car at any point in Victoria, and you can only use roads that have been approved, so make sure to jump online before you plan your trip. The two approved routes are: the Sturt Highway from Mildura to Yamba, or the Calder Highway and Meridian Road between Abbotsford Bridge and the Sturt Highway and then via the Sturt Highway to Yamba.

Western Australia:

WA is still enforcing a hard border, meaning the only way travellers can get into the state, whether it be by plane, car, train, or boat, is by gaining an exemption issued by the WA Department of Health. As of November 14, ‘very low risk’ jurisdictions (including the ACT) will be able to travel to WA without quarantining but will still be subject to certain requirements.

Tasmania: People from the ACT are allowed to fly into Tassie or even catch the ferry across the Bass Strait from Victoria, however if you travel via VIC you aren’t allowed to make any stops besides refueling your vehicle.

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